My research interest includes topics in labor economics, behavioral and experimental economics, and public finance.

Published Papers

“Local Government’s Responses to Exogenous Shocks in their Revenue Sources: Evidence from the State of Florida” National Tax Journal. June 2015, 68(2), 339-376. (with Keith R. Ihlanfeldt)

Abstract: Little is known about how cities and counties respond to negative shocks in their fiscal resources, such as those that occurred after the Great Recession. We provide evidence from the state of Florida on the millage rate and expenditure adjustments that cities and counties make in response to a loss in their two most important fiscal resources — the property tax base and intergovernmental transfers. These adjustments are hypothesized to vary with the monopoly power possessed by the local government. Our findings support this hypothesis and indicate that fiscal stress results in higher millage rates and cuts in expenditures. The cuts are targeted toward capital expenditures and less essential public services.

Working Papers

“The Gift of the Living Wage: Reciprocity and Wage Spillovers in an Experimental Labor Market” – Draft (7-12-2015)

“The Impact of Living Wage Laws on Employment: Evidence from Florida Cities”

“Contracts as Signs of Trust” (with Sebastian Goerg and Monika Ziolkowska)

Current Research

“Foreclosures and the Local Labor Market”

“Worker Cooperation and Wage Disclosure” (with Brent Davis)